Our second-hand machines – as good as new!

Our used machines are modernized by our qualified employees and their decades of experience in mechanical engineering. Components are usually completely dismantled, cleaned, and repainted as required.
The interior gets a “makeover” treatment. Wear parts, guide elements, fluid lines, sensors and cables in the machine area are replaced, working and milling spindles are overhauled in proven manufacturer quality, and the control system is upgraded to the state of the art.

Here you'll learn more about our machine refit:
https://www.index-traub.com/en/ixservices/refit/ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Repurchase of used machines
We are also interested in repurchasing your used INDEX or TRAUB machine.
This applies in particular to machines built after 1995.

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Production turning machine- INDEX ABC SpeedLine

Machine number: 401055
Year of manufacture: 1998

Basic equipment

Main spindle: max. d=42mm, C-Axis
Synchronized spindle: for collet clamping

Tool carrier 1:    X/Z axis
Tool carrier 2 :   X/Z axis 
Rear-end drilling unit X/Z axis 
Control:               INDEX C200-4

INDEX ABC - 401055 (PDF)


Turn-mill center - INDEX G200 SolutionLine

Machine number: 511047
Year of manufacture: 2000

Basic equipment

Main spindle: max. d=65mm, C axis
Counter spindle: max. d=60mm, C axis

Tool carrier 1:   X/Y/Z/B axes
Tool carrier 2 :   X/Z axes
Control:              SIEMENS S840D sl

INDEX G200 - 511047 (PDF)


Turn-mill center - INDEX G300

Machine number: 500302
Year of manufacture: 1999

Basic equipment

Main spindle: max. d=102mm, C axis, with single pressure clamping unit, manual
Counter spindle: max. d=90mm, C axis, with single pressure clamping unit, manual

Tool carrier 1:    X/Y/Z/B axis
Tool carrier 2 :   X/Z axis
Control:               INDEX C200-4D

INDEX G300 - 500302 (PDF) 

Multi-spindle automatics - INDEX MS25

Machine number: MS2512121
Year of manufacture: 1987

Basic equipment

Main drive:
Power (at 50 Hz) 15  kW
Speed (at 50 Hz) 1450 rpm

INDEX MS25-2512121 (PDF)  

Multi-spindle automatics - INDEX MS25E

Machine number: MS25E25106
Year of manufacture: 2000

Basic equipment

Main drive:
Power (at 50 Hz) 22  kW
Speed (at 50 Hz) 5020rpm

INDEX MS25-25E25106 (PDF)  

Short automatic lathe - TRAUB TNK36

Machine number: 7100806
Year of manufacture: 2008

Basic equipment

Main spindle: Spindle clearance for high-strength materials max. 30 mm, C axis
Counter spindle: Counter spindle as motor-driven spindle incl. hollow clamping and locking unit, C axis

Tool carrier 1: X1/Y1/Z1 axes
X3 slide: X3 cross axis for front working attachment/counter spindle
Control: TRAUB TX8i

TRAUB TNK36 7100806 (PDF) 

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