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In addition to powerful programming, optimization and simulation functions, WinFlexIPSPlus offers the “Setup and Automatic Mode” in the 3D model, just as if you were standing in front of the machine. This gives the user, in addition to the previous advantages of WinFlexIPS, also the real 3D model and all the operating elements, including their functions, of the real machine – and all of that on the PC!

  • Fast and reliable programming as a result of optimized standard program elements
  • Clear depiction of the program sequence in plain text
  • The NC program is available immediately following the graphically interactive input and can be executed at once
  • Change between dialog input and NC single block input is possible at any time
  • Program optimization directly in the simulation model
  • Simulation optionally in 2D or 3D on the basis of the NC program in TRAUB format
  • Planning and optimization of the setup process with the functions ‘manual operation’ and ‘automatic operation’ in accordance with the real machine.

WinFlexIPS Plus - базовый пакет

Базовый пакет

Пакет PLUS для большей эффективности!

«Оптимально для тех, кто стремится сделать на один шаг больше. Используйте полный объем функций WinFlexIPS и получите доступ к множеству дополнительных возможностей, имеющихся только у WinFlexIPS Plus.»

Доступные возможности:

  • Блоки ЧПУ
  • 2D-моделирование
  • 3D-отображение детали
  • Диалоговое программирование
  • Параллельное моделирование
  • Полное 3D-моделирование
  • Панель управления станка

Бесплатно включает:

  • На выбор 1 модель моделирования
  • Документация

With WinFlexIPSPlus, machine usage planning, work area investigations or setup planning in the 3D model can now already be carried out on the PC with the additional function ‘manual operation’ in accordance with the real machine – virtually exactly as if you were in front of the machine. This optimizes the set-up and programming process and ensures considerably shorter set-up times, increased process reliability and improved machine utilization.

Furthermore, WINFlexIPSPlus can also be used extremely effectively during instruction and training of control and operating functions for TRAUB machines and as an aid for optimizing the introduction phase of new machines and to train new staff. The user can thus move training times from the machine to the PC workplace and save production times.

Planning, optimizing setup times, training

Planning even before programming

Examination of the working area, collision check, setup planning in the 3D model in accordance with the real machine.

Сокращение времени переналадки

Оптимизация процесса наладки в ручном и автоматическом режиме для оптимальных
спецификаций наладки. Сокращенное время переналадки снижает простой станка, что повышает производительность.

Instruction and training same as on the real machine

Training (basic and advanced) for control and operating functions of TRAUB machines. Training aid for reducing the introduction phase of new machines, in order to guarantee smooth integration into the production process. Training of employees and apprentices on the PC without occupying the machine. 

Application examples

- Turret indexing, checking for freedom from collision and determination of the tool change point.

- Moving the axes and counter spindle to determine the available space between turret and clamping unit.

- Turret tooling and tool definition.

Milling accessories package

The milling accessories packages are optionally available for WinFlexIPS Plus. Contact us for a personal presentation of the benefits of each milling package.

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